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"It is by no means certain that our individual personality
is the single inhabitant of these our corporeal frames.
We all do things, both awake and asleep, which surprise us.
Perhaps we have co-tenants in this house we live in,"
Oliver Wendell Holmes, quoted in The Myth of Sanity, by Martha Stout, PhD

 Why Consult a Therapist?
  Why consult a psychotherapist when you could talk to a trusted
friend or family member?   What is it about some stranger with a
degree, supposedly educated and available for consultation, who
would have something better to say than the average person?   
  Presumably, a certified, state licensed therapist would have certain
qualities and information that would not be easily available in one
place from anyone else.  He or she also would have requirements of
practice that would respect the safety of everyone involved.  Indeed,
there are the basic requirements for any form of professionalism.  
  In addition, I have composed a modest list here, to be amended as
insight requires.  A psychotherapist would also offer,
1.        Insights into an overall theory of emotional, social and
intellectual development, allowing for a workable diagnosis.
2.        An appreciation of societal and cultural influences, including
influences from a media and our marketing-saturated consumerism
3.        Available instruction on mindfulness and self-care practices to
cultivate emotional self-regulation and distress tolerance abilities.  
4.        A general theory of trauma and the process of healing.
5.        An appreciation of spirituality distinct from religion.
6.        An appreciation of addictions and the process of recovery.
7.        Knowledge of the inevitability of grief and the process of
8.        Willing to offer a nonjudgmental relationship where a person can
explore ‘’be yourself’’ within appropriate limits.

Most local insurance plans are accepted.  My office address is door letter “F”,
Building 6, Executive Park Drive in Albany, which is easily accessible from Fuller
Road and/or behind Stuyvesant Plaza Shopping Center.   Office hours often vary
with the school calendar.  Out of courtesy for others, any cancellations must be 24
hours before the appointment.  ........
Different clients start from different
places. For some,  medication
dulling the feeling is sufficient.
No curiosity.
Others are willing to inquire into the
present feeling to identify the old
mis-perceptions that maintain the
Still others are willing to identify the
source of the feeling, and correct
the original disillusionment or
trauma.  The job is to experience
emotions now that were not allowed
We may find yet another feeling,
from yet another experience, that
also is appropriate to address.  
Ultimately, the healing and growth
process is to
cycle deeper and
deeper into a given issue,
sometimes now, sometimes later,
with the same or sometimes
different therapist.   We're done
when there's an experience of
acceptance and peace.
2002.  BOARD
".... To put the matter metaphorically, as long as your attitude is one of actively trying to get rid of an
anxiety-provoking feeling, you are seeing  only its dark emotional surface.  At that level of awareness, the
emotion looks like dirty bath water.  You can't see through the anxiety, guilt or shame that it stirs up.  As
you let yourself
have the feeling....experience the emotion fully....your attentiveness deepens, and you
begin to notice the baby in the bathwater, the previously disowned awareness that has been there all along,
obscured by the inner conflict that it provoked.  The process is a subtle but also a very natural one.  
Whether you prefer to think of it simply as getting in touch with a feeling, or more profoundly, as listening to
the soul, you will realize once you experience it that you have always known how to do it."
Elio Frattaroli, MD,
Becoming Conscious in an Unconscious World,
".......If we're committed to comfort at any
cost, as soon as we come up to the least
edge of pain, we're going to run; we'll
never know what's behind that particular
barrier or wall or fearful thing......."
Pema Chodron,
Awakening Loving
This is the exterior
door on the north
side of Building 6
on Executive Park
Drive, Albany
Plenty of parking
right across from
the door
They are not long, the weeping and the
Love and desire and hate:
I think they have no portion in us after
We pass the gate.
They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.

Ernest Dowson
Waiting room
inside on the right
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.:The job of the hypnotist was no longer to induce a trance, but
rather to dehypnotize the individual out of the trance he/she
was already experiencing...."  Stephen Wolinsky, PhD.,
Trances People Live

Future Hypnotists;

For 2020, we finished just in time
as the world was shutting down.   
We had a wonderful experience
learning to create trance,
appreciate movies, and discover
the subconscious.  

New dates and locaion for my
next 2021 NGH Certification
Hypnosis training class will be
announced, occurring on
Saturdays and Sundays;
generally alternate weekends
through the winter.  
Our classroom will be likely in
Saratoga Springs.  
There are 8 seats in our class.  
Email or call for more information.
Cost; $1800.00.
See my Hypnosis Page
Office; 518-482-6160
Cell; 518-577-8367
Professional Hypnosis Instruction and Certification,  
as certified through
The National Guild of Hypnotists
for training information, call 518-482-6160
Hypnosis is an especially effective influence technology that is at the heart of advertising, religion, politics, courtship,
Consulting hypnotists are non-licensed professionals who offer important client services, including smoking cessation,
weight management, and stress reduction to individuals, groups and corporations.   Other services include attention
self-hypnosis, theatre techniques, confidence building, public speaking, spirituality, and many others.   
Hypnotherapists, [MSW, PhD, RN, LMHC, MD], as licensed therapists, may use the same hypnosis theory and
techniques for diagnostically appropriate mental health services  including age-regression, parts therapy, Gestalt therapy
and other techniques.    
Upon satisfactory completion of hypnosis training, both consulting hypnotists and hypnotherapists are certified National
Guild of Hypnotists members and will receive the certification Diploma along with the NGH membership benefits.   
Ask yourself, “What would it feel like, if I didn't feel so afraid, or angry, or
discouraged.  What would I be doing?”   Perhaps the medication that
seemed to be helpful before has grown tired, and that the old therapy
hours of talking
about  the feeling haven’t recently improved anything.  It’s
even hard to identify that lousy feeling, but it continues to return the more
you try to fight it.  The past is still controlling the present.  It feels like you
are running from yourself.  The old distractions have stopped working.  
What would it be like, instead, to be fearless about this unwanted feeling,
to say,” Bring it on”, and resolve the feeling every time like defeating an
old bully.  
"We humans are anatomically and behaviorally
two different people, in constant conflict...."John
The Divided Mind
James M. Hislop, LCSW, BCH, CI
NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor
through the National Guild of Hypnotists
Call;  518-482-6160
                                                               Why become a Hypnotist?
1.         The professional hypnotist is able to significantly help motivated clients with a number of concerns such as weight management, confidence, habit
control, confidence, stress management, and many others.  
2.        For licensed psychotherapists, knowledge of hypnotism greatly enhances the theory and practice of psychotherapy.    
3.        Even if the hypnotist doesn't practice the techniques of hypnotism, the training and knowledge is transformative and a gift of personal growth.  Learning
hypnosis changes the view of the world, developing a deeper appreciation of how belief systems from religion, advertizing, education, politics and medicine all
shape our reality.   
5.        Self hypnosis.  Like the deeper forms of meditation, self-hypnosis enables the identifying, evaluating, choice of, and dismissal of thoughts.   Thoughts
are not who we are.  There’s another part of the mind, cultivated as the observer, who can observe thoughts and decide which thoughts are worthy of
following.   We can often choose what sensations we pay attention to, and which ones we ignore, as in pain management and pleasure enhancement.   
4.        Emotional states and attitudes can be seen as trances.  We experience the trance of abundance v. the trance of lacking.  We experience trances of
joy, passion, shame and regret.  Trances can be induced, changed and eliminated.   
5.        The hypnotist can view our existence as the theatre of life.  Movies and stories, if appealing, become an alternate reality to be experienced, often
leaving the viewer changed from before. Movies, stories and theatre are all trances.  If you accept the influence, the viewer goes on the ride of the story as
though it were experienced for real at this moment.  
6.        Who becomes a hypnotist?   Anyone of sufficient health and intelligence and an open, curious mind into the mysteries of life.   The training can be
taken for personal growth regardless of hypnotizing others.   
7.        A professor of mine said many years ago, ‘’education is the process of disillusionment’’.   We often educate our subjects by properly disillusioning them
of the ideas that keep them unwell.   
8.        The spiritual process.   Trance is the entranceway into religious, metaphysical states.   The mind’s usual critical judgment will soften to allow deeper
consideration of experience and imagination.  Can’t prove it and can’t disprove it, but the experience of spiritual states can be transformative.   
9.        Sickness is augmented or even created by sick and disempowering thoughts, regrets and judgments.  Healing arises from the trance of acceptance,
forgiveness, release.    Your view of human nature will change.
10.        Course outline for topics covered; how to induce trance, habit control such as weight, smoking.   Stress management.  Pain management.  Self-
hypnosis, evil, fears, age regression, past life experiences, spirit involvement, and fear of embracing death.  Hypnosis training is for growth, pleasure and well-
11.        New forms of assertiveness, directing theatre, leading and pacing the process, timing of experience and emotional reciprocity between hypnotist and
subject are all skills to be started.    
So becoming a hypnotist changes the way that you look at life and at people.   The training is 100 hours of personal growth that isn’t going to stop when the
training is done.  
This was not my final hypnosis training class after all.  .  We just
wrapped up the third Consulting Hypnotist Certification class in
Saratoga, graduated 2 excellent new hypnotists, and had a
wonderful time.  
We enjoyed enhanced sections on the topics of death, loss,
habits, and saying ''good b
ye''.  We use illustrations from the
greatest hypnotic influence of all, movies, with selections of
of a Woman
on persuasion, Prince of Tides on trauma &
healing, and
Meet Joe Black about making peace with death.  
See my article below on Why you should become a hypnotist.  
And call
518-482-6160 for my brochure.
   Now available for telephone and
audio-visual consultations and therapy
appointments.  Have your session from
where you are most convenient and
safe.  Call the office, 518-482-6160, and
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time.  Leave your phone number, the
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