Professional Hypnosis Training
                                             Hypnosis Course Outline, One Page
Needed Texts; Manuals 1,2, and M. Gerald Edelstein, MD, Trance, Trauma, and Transformation

1.        Day 1.  Intro to Hypnosis, Manual Lessons 1-5, essentials prior to actually hypnotizing clients,
including definitions of hypnosis, suggestibility tests, influences, cautions, history and theories.  Inductions,
purposes and values.  How to Hypnotize, Manual lessons 6-10, including depth stages of hypnosis,
suggestion management, and emerging procedures.   Banyan’s ‘’Pretalk’’.   Begin with; Scent of a Woman
DVD, how movies employ hypnosis, and how to find hypnotic elements in movies.   
2.        Day 2.  Basic hypnosis methods, Manual lessons 11-14, Development of suggestions and scripts,     
Conscious and unconscious mind functions and the use of anchoring are covered.  The con artist.  
Compliance.  Post-hypnotic suggestion. Finish  Scent of a Woman.
3.        Day 3.  Begin, DVD Prince of Tides,   Manual lessons 15-17, applications, including smoking
cessation, weight control, and stress management programs.   Lesson 18, Ethics, standards of practice,
and recommended terminology.  On pragmatic assessment for hypnosis.   About your library; essential
books show and tell.  
4.        Day 4, Manual lessons 19-25, Session structure, behavioral assessment, and goal setting.   
Continue Prince of Tides, , Hypnotic Leading and Pacing, Affect Regulation with hypnotic techniques and
“Attention Training’’.   Uncovering techniques, more on self hypnosis. Bradshaw’s Toxic Shame, on
Compliance, by Banyan and David White.
5.        Day 5, Advanced on; Begin; Trauma, Trance and Transformation, by M. Gerald Edelstien, MD.  P, 1-
25.  Practice & Teach Self-Hypnosis.  Using Dialectical Behavioral Therapy exercises and cognitive waking
hypnosis, affect bridge, Bradshaw’s On Toxic Shame ,     Hypnotic coma and the Esdaile state.   Emotional
Freedom Technique; is it hypnosis?   More on self-hypnosis.  Roger Woolger’s, Deep Memory Process.   
Finish  Prince of Tides.
6.        Day 6, M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 25-50, Advanced on; The Problem of Evil.   Begin movie, The
Sacrament, sociopaths, codependents, religious abuse, narcissists and their hypnosis, Ross Rosenberg
on narcissism, body memory, Babette Rothschild, LCSW and Peter Levine PhD trauma treatment and
hypnosis.  Mass hysteria, evil, scenes from The Jonestown Massacre. Conversational hypnosis.  Scenes
from, The Devil’s Advocate.
7.        Day 7, M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 50-75.  Advanced on; Hypnosis for Pain, Psychosomatic trance,
Neuro-linguistic Programming.    Healing through catharsis and forgiveness.   The Genogram as hypnosis.  
Sarno’s,  The Divided Mind.    Hypnosis for pain and Ron Eslinger’s work.  NLP and videos.   Finish movie;
The Sacrament
8.        Day 8. M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 75-100.  Advanced on; Fears, Fear of death, Phobias.  Begin, Meet
Joe Black. Anxiety, age regression to cause, Informed Child Technique, Empty Chair Technique and other
Gestalt, Forensic hypnosis, Hyperemperia and hypnosis for pleasure and self-esteem.   The trance of
9.        Day 9. M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 100-125.  Advanced on; Transpersonal Psychology Hypnosis as a
treatment modality. Continue movie Meet Joe Black.    Parts Therapy by Roy Hunter. ‘’Past-life’’ metaphors
and Roger Woolger.   ‘’Spirit releasement/exorcism’’ metaphors, Fred Leidecker video.   Sharron Forrest’s,
‘’Prenatal Suffocation Syndrome’’ script and treatment.   
10.        Day 10. M. Gerald Edelstien. P. 125-150.  Review selected and requested topics.  Dissociation
test.  Finish Meet Joe Black, Final Exam.   Graduation will be on the next Capital Region Chapter of the
National Guild of Hypnotists meeting.   Free membership into the National guild of Hypnotists, and Capital  
Region Chapter of the NGH.   Congratulations.
2018 Class Schedule;
Days 1,2;         Saturday, Sunday January 13th, 14th
Days 3,4;         Saturday, Sunday, January 27th, 28th
Days 5,6;         Saturday, Sunday, February 10th, 11th
Days 7,8;         Saturday, Sunday, February 24th, 25th
Days 9, 10;      Saturday, Sunday, March 10th, 11th
Make up;         Saturday, Sunday, March 24th, 25th