Pain Page
Relax into this exercise and soften around
any discomfort.  Identify the pain and feel it
gently.  Now, identify the fear around the
pain.  Hold onto the fear, and let it get
As the fear gets bigger, let the pain
sensation fade.  As I count from 1 to 5,
make the fear as big as its ever been;
1. getting more intense, 2. moving through
your body,
3, it's like the flood gates of fear are
opening up all over    you,   4, like the first
time you felt this way, and
5. the fear is a bridge to the past..........
Go to a time and place in your life when
you felt this          fear like you do
now............., What's happening?
".........What is the genesis of a psychosomatic disorder?  As we shall see,
the cause is to be found in the unconscious regions of the mind, and as we
shall also see, its purpose is to deliberately distract the conscious
".........In our view, all of [their] symptoms, affective and physical, hysterical or
psychosomatic, served the same purpose, that is, as a defense against
powerful emotions in the unconscious that were striving to come to
consciousness, or were being repressed because of their emotionally painful
nature....." p. 44
John E. Sarno, MD.,
The Divided Mind   
"..........the pain keeps the reservoir of
rage hidden..................."
John E. Sarno,
The Divided Mind
Kayaderosseras Creek, Saratoga County
 Wilhelm Reich's research in the 1930's suggested that the
unexpressed pain and trauma of our past is stored in the
musculature and connective tissue of our bodies, creating tension,
blocks in circulation, and ultimately pain and disease.  Such
memories may be stored, in my experience, in internal organs as
well.  By entering this ''room of illness'' in hypnosis, we may be able
to identify both the external persons who are connected to this
stored pain and the specific memories from which the pain
originated.  We then utilize emotional release and child rescue
processes to alter the memories stored in the body, and thus
release the pain and tension created therein."
David Quigley, Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis, from brochure