“An addiction is a pathological relationship, to any mood altering experience,   
                            that has life damaging consequences.”   John Bradshaw

I combine an educational format with participatory experiences  to teach about the obscure, subconscious, intolerable emotions behind
compulsive  behavior.  This course is uniquely educational and experiential addressing compulsions and addiction from the following
experiences and materials;

1. 10 individual psycho-educational sessions at the Executive Park office
2. Attending 10 AA meetings, filling out an insight form anonymously
3. A note from your Physician indicating a recent visit and/or good physical health

We begin with an intense video demonstration of how an alcoholic husband’s denial is destroying his marriage, and he is tragically
clueless about his drinking.  We move on to John Bradshaw’s PBS video lecture on Toxic Shame that changed professional thinking in the
1980’s.  Also included is the viewing of a video from Fr. Joseph Martin on the process and stages of alcoholism.  We integrate the
anonymous material from the AA meetings as we identify the shame, the compulsions, and the denial among the stories.  
We then view the healing of the original emotions behind the compulsion/addiction with video sessions addressing compulsions.  The
above materials and participation blend together to create a very thought-provoking, compassionate and intimate understanding of
addictions and compulsions.  
Alcohol Information Program
Kayaderosseras Creek
".....Most of us do not take these situations,
[being nailed by life] as teachings.  We
automatically hate them.  We run like
crazy.  We use all kinds of ways to
escape---all addictions stem from this
moment when we meet our edge and we
just can't stand it.  We feel we have to
soften it, pad it with something, and we
become addicted to whatever it is that
seems to ease the pain.....There are so
many ways that we have dreamt up to
entertain us away from the moment, soften
its hard edge, deaden it so we don't have to
feel the full impact of the pain that arrives
when we cannot manipulate the situation to
make it come out looking fine....."
Pema Chodron,
When Things Fall Apart
".....Wandering in the
looking for alternatives,
seeking something to
comfort us--food, drink,
people.  The word
encompasses that
addiction quality, the way
we grab for something  
because we want to find a
way to make things ok.  
That quality comes from
never having grown up...."
Pema Chodron,
Things Fall Apart
In the mid-90'a, from his video called, "The Chalk Talk on Alcohol", Father Joseph
Martin used the term
''drinking safely".    This term has proven far more useful
information than the label, ''alcoholic'' because it offers a far wider definition of the
whole subject.    "Drinking safely" not only considers driving while intoxicated.   Other
valuables at risk from excessive drinking are one's physical health, one's finances,
relationships and family, job, career, reputation, mood/peace-of-mind, and anything
else that would be in jeopardy.  Alcohol can be delightful to enjoy, but never trusted,
always under one's own critical scrutiny.
OASAS certified provider since 2011