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 We had  an outstanding 2016 winter class with 6 new hypnotists, and 2017
class with 7 more graduating.  So far, we have 13 new consulting hypnotists
in our area.  Our next class begins March of 2019.   Scroll down the page for
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"It is by no means certain that our individual personality
is the single inhabitant of these our corporeal frames.
We all do things, both awake and asleep, which surprise us.
Perhaps we have co-tenants in this house we live in,"
Oliver Wendell Holmes, quoted in The Myth of Sanity, by Martha Stout, PhD

What is it that people like me do that’s called ‘’psychotherapy’’, ‘’hypnotherapy”?     
There are many goals, types and purposes of therapy, and many types of
practitioners.   Most of psychotherapy is teaching, no more special than a school
teacher or a music teacher.   We often teach;
Mood management; how to identify changes of mood as they arise and to have more
choice on what to feel, more choice of what thoughts to follow, and detective work, to
identify the origin and apply the remedy for an old trauma, incident, or ‘’imprint’’.  
‘’Family of origin work’’, to separate and individuate from old obsolete parental
influences while keeping the positives as resources.   To settle old grudges with
people from the past, even dead people, who live on in the mind.  
To teach how to grieve, to emotionally ‘’say good-bye’’ to the lingering sense of loss
and abandonment when someone dies, leaves or changes, relationship work.
To have more choice in negotiating satisfaction from the people who matter, and still
keeping what is valuable, managing the risk in all choices,
And there’s  ‘’attention training’’, learning how to focus better, join the study of being
more present, to be and feel more authentic, more like a whole person.  
For enhanced experience of well-being, to identify and experience pleasure in a
more integrated way, gratitude for the enjoyment in almost every moment.  
Enriched behavioral responses and choice to any challenge or fear.     
There’s management of sensation in the body, sensitizing and desensitizing.  
Last but not least, preparation for death, ‘’bucket list’’ development, consciousness of
limits of life, of ending.    Still curious?  

Most local insurance plans are accepted.  My office address is door letter “F”,
Building 6, Executive Park Drive in Albany, which is easily accessible from Fuller
Road and/or behind Stuyvesant Plaza Shopping Center.   Office hours often vary
with the school calendar.  Out of courtesy for others, any cancellations must be 24
hours before the appointment.  ........
Different clients start from different
places. For some,  medication
dulling the feeling is sufficient.
No curiosity.
Others are willing to inquire into the
present feeling to identify the old
mis-perceptions that maintain the
Still others are willing to identify the
source of the feeling, and correct
the original disillusionment or
trauma.  The job is to experience
emotions now that were not allowed
We may find yet another feeling,
from yet another experience, that
also is appropriate to address.  
Ultimately, the healing and growth
process is to
cycle deeper and
deeper into a given issue,
sometimes now, sometimes later,
with the same or sometimes
different therapist.   We're done
when there's an experience of
acceptance and peace.
2002.  BOARD
".... To put the matter metaphorically, as long as your attitude is one of actively trying to get rid of an anxiety-provoking feeling, you are seeing  only its dark
emotional surface.  At that level of awareness, the emotion looks like dirty bath water.  You can't see through the anxiety, guilt or shame that it stirs up.  As you let
have the feeling....experience the emotion fully....your attentiveness deepens, and you begin to notice the baby in the bathwater, the previously disowned
awareness that has been there all along, obscured by the inner conflict that it provoked.  The process is a subtle but also a very natural one.  Whether you prefer
to think of it simply as getting in touch with a feeling, or more profoundly, as listening to the soul, you will realize once you experience it that you have always
known how to do it."
Elio Frattaroli, MD,
Becoming Conscious in an Unconscious World,
".......If we're committed to comfort at any
cost, as soon as we come up to the least
edge of pain, we're going to run; we'll
never know what's behind that particular
barrier or wall or fearful thing......."
Pema Chodron,
Awakening Loving
This is the exterior
door on the north
side of Building 6
on Executive Park
Drive, Albany
Plenty of parking
right across from
the door
They are not long, the weeping and the
Love and desire and hate:
I think they have no portion in us after
We pass the gate.
They are not long, the days of wine and roses:
Out of a misty dream
Our path emerges for a while, then closes
Within a dream.

Ernest Dowson
Waiting room
inside on the right
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.:The job of the hypnotist was
no longer to induce a trance,
but rather to dehypnotize the
individual out of the trance
he/she was already
experiencing...."  Stephen
Wolinsky, PhD.,
People Live

Future Hypnotists;

New dates and location
for the next 20
hypnosis training class
will be set for next
 Our classroom
will be in Saratoga
The dates will be
hrough the winter

There are 8 seats in
our class.  Email or call
for more information
Cost; $1800.00

Office; 518-482-6160
Cell; 518-577-8367
Professional Hypnosis Instruction and Certification,  
as certified through
The National Guild of Hypnotists
for training information, call 518-482-6160
Hypnosis is an especially effective influence technology that is at the heart of advertising, religion, politics, courtship,
Consulting hypnotists are non-licensed professionals who offer important client services, including smoking cessation,
weight management, and stress reduction to individuals, groups and corporations.   Other services include attention
self-hypnosis, theatre techniques, confidence building, public speaking, spirituality, and many others.   
Hypnotherapists, [MSW, PhD, RN, LMHC, MD], as licensed therapists, may use the same hypnosis theory and
techniques for diagnostically appropriate mental health services  including age-regression, parts therapy, Gestalt therapy
and other techniques.    
Upon satisfactory completion of hypnosis training, both consulting hypnotists and hypnotherapists are certified National
Guild of Hypnotists members and will receive the certification Diploma along with the NGH membership benefits.   
Your instructor;
James M. Hislop, LCSW, BCH, CI
Call (518) 482-6160 for no-cost pre-registration interview.
Email; jhisloptherapy@yahoo.com
Ask yourself, “What would it feel like, if I didn't feel so afraid, or angry, or
discouraged.  What would I be doing?”   Perhaps the medication that seemed to be
helpful before has grown tired, and that the old therapy hours of talking
about  the
feeling haven’t recently improved anything.  It’s even hard to identify that lousy
feeling, but it continues to return the more you try to fight it.  The past is still
controlling the present.  It feels like you are running from yourself.  The old
distractions have stopped working.  What would it be like, instead, to be fearless
about this unwanted feeling, to say,” Bring it on”, and resolve the feeling every time
like defeating an old bully.  
Nature's first green is
Her hardest hue to
Her early leafs a
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down
to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
by Robert Frost
"We humans are anatomically and behaviorally
two different people, in constant conflict...."John
The Divided Mind
James M. Hislop, LCSW, BCH, CI
NYS Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Board Certified Hypnotherapist and Hypnotherapy Instructor
through the National Guild of Hypnotists
Hypnosis Course Outline, One Page

1.        Day 1.  Intro to Hypnosis, Manual Lessons 1-5, essentials prior to actually hypnotizing clients, including definitions of hypnosis, suggestibility tests,
influences, cautions, history and theories.  Inductions, purposes and values.  How to Hypnotize, Manual lessons 6-10, including depth stages of hypnosis,
suggestion management, and emerging procedures.   Banyan’s ‘’Pretalk’’.   Begin with; Scent of a Woman DVD, how movies employ hypnosis, and how to find
hypnotic elements in movies.   
2.        Day 2.  Basic hypnosis methods, Manual lessons 11-14, Development of suggestions and scripts,     Conscious and unconscious mind functions and the use
of anchoring are covered.  The con artist.  Compliance.  Post-hypnotic suggestion. Finish  Scent of a Woman.
3.        Day 3.  Begin, DVD Prince of Tides,   Manual lessons 15-17, applications, including smoking cessation, weight control, and stress management programs.   
Lesson 18, Ethics, standards of practice, and recommended terminology.  On pragmatic assessment for hypnosis.   About your library; essential books show and
4.        Day 4, Manual lessons 19-25, Session structure, behavioral assessment, and goal setting.   Continue Prince of Tides, , Hypnotic Leading and Pacing, Affect
Regulation with hypnotic techniques and “Attention Training’’.   Uncovering techniques, more on self hypnosis. Bradshaw’s Toxic Shame, on Compliance, by
Banyan and David White.
5.        Day 5, Advanced on; Begin; Trauma, Trance and Transformation, by M. Gerald Edelstien, MD.  P, 1-25.  Practice & Teach Self-Hypnosis.  Using Dialectical
Behavioral Therapy exercises and cognitive waking hypnosis, affect bridge, Bradshaw’s On Toxic Shame ,     Hypnotic coma and the Esdaile state.   Emotional
Freedom Technique; is it hypnosis?   More on self-hypnosis.  Roger Woolger’s, Deep Memory Process.   Finish  Prince of Tides.
6.        Day 6, M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 25-50, Advanced on; The Problem of Evil.   Begin movie, The Sacrament, sociopaths, codependents, religious abuse,
narcissists and their hypnosis, Ross Rosenberg on narcissism, body memory, Babette Rothschild, LCSW and Peter Levine PhD trauma treatment and hypnosis.  
Mass hysteria, evil, scenes from The Jonestown Massacre. Conversational hypnosis.  Scenes from, The Devil’s Advocate.
7.        Day 7, M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 50-75.  Advanced on; Hypnosis for Pain, Psychosomatic trance, Neuro-linguistic Programming.    Healing through catharsis
and forgiveness.   The Genogram as hypnosis.  Sarno’s,  The Divided Mind.    Hypnosis for pain and Ron Eslinger’s work.  NLP and videos.   Finish movie; The
8.        Day 8. M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 75-100.  Advanced on; Fears, Fear of death, Phobias.  Begin, Meet Joe Black. Anxiety, age regression to cause, Informed
Child Technique, Empty Chair Technique and other Gestalt, Forensic hypnosis, Hyperemperia and hypnosis for pleasure and self-esteem.   The trance of love.   
9.        Day 9. M. Gerald Edelstien, p. 100-125.  Advanced on; Transpersonal Psychology Hypnosis as a treatment modality. Continue movie Meet Joe Black.    
Parts Therapy by Roy Hunter. ‘’Past-life’’ metaphors and Roger Woolger.   ‘’Spirit releasement/exorcism’’ metaphors, Fred Leidecker video.   Sharron Forrest’s, ‘’
Prenatal Suffocation Syndrome’’ script and treatment.   
10.        Day 10. M. Gerald Edelstien. P. 125-150.  Review selected and requested topics.  Dissociation test.  Finish Meet Joe Black, Final Exam.   Graduation will be
on the next Capital Region Chapter of the National Guild of Hypnotists meeting.   Free membership into the National guild of Hypnotists, and Capital  Region
Chapter of the NGH.   Congratulations.